I’ve read countless articles on how to build a “winning culture” in the workplace. You’d think magic was a critical ingredient of the recipe. But I’m here to tell you, as someone fortunate enough to have been a member of several winning cultures, it doesn’t take magic.

Winning culture at the workplace, if I may say so, is merely good leadership. Good leaders set good examples, they motivate, they inspire, they hold people accountable for their actions. Most of all, good leaders instill a workplace mentality of togetherness, one where caring about your co-workers is on equal, if not greater, footing than caring about numero uno. And that, essentially, is the cryptic message from in the numerous articles I was referring to at the beginning of this post.

Expecting to build a winning culture with poor leadership is the same as expecting Lake Michigan to freeze over in mid July, which is also spoken from personal experience (dare I mention I’ve also been a member of several losing cultures!). As a side note, there is a silver lining to experiencing a losing culture, which is the beginning of a burning desire to find and contribute to a winning culture, not to mention, a deep appreciation to be a part of it. 

Nevertheless, for entrepreneurs leadership starts by looking in the mirror and setting the right example for your own support group /work force. Your company’s growth will eventually bring leaders to the surface among your rank and file, following the examples you sent trickling down from top to bottom. That, friends, is when winning culture blossoms, and only then is when the magic can begin…