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During Opening Day, we followed our goat mascot around Wrigley Field and spoke with Cubs fans to get their reactions and see if they knew about Reverse The Curse Chicago and World Vision. Here is a video that explains what we do, who we partner with, and how you can help. Please share this video to help spread the word! We’ve donated 83 goats so far to date, so let’s increase that number!

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Don’t let the sight of our goat mascot make you feel uneasy. It’s time for Chicago Cubs fans to see goats in a positive light. Cubs fans, let’s embrace the goat and help put a positive spin on the so-called “curse”.

If you saw our goat mascot wandering around Wrigley Field (probably looking for some grass to feed on), what would your reaction be?


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You can see how your donations are helping provide goats for families by browsing through our Flickr gallery.

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